Green Beauty Farms About Us

Ved Prakash Tyagi

(Lt.) Mr. Ved Prakash Tyagi

Green Beauty Farms was the brainchild of Mr. Ved Prakash Tyagi. His dream of bringing up the concept of farmhouses in Noida City has become live with this unique project. He searched the land along the Yamuna River, which was left as the green belt in the master plan of Noida. With this thought, he came up with the idea of developing the Green posh area near Delhi along the Noida expressway.

He eventually embarked his journey as a serial entrepreneur in the ever-booming Real Estate industry of NCR. He was widely acknowledged for driving efficiencies in the workplace and has always managed business transformations seamlessly.He has given and contributed a vast amount of experienceof land consolation from the farmers and dealing with the customers.

Deepak Tyagi

Mr. Deepak Tyagi

Deepak Tyagi is a name behind the extraordinary development of green Beauty farms. His unique Ideas and experience has contributed a lot giving a picture of this dream. He has been a searcher, an opportunist who has discovered and has dared to reach where he is with his distinct ideas and their implementation.

Mr. Tyagi is capable in guidance and leadership – has kept growing and diversifying and is right now giving emphasis on improving and raising the standards of living by offering and developing unique structures. As a Central character, he has operated for a long time in the pertinent industry and has added vision and involvement that can outshine at the formation of the best ventures of the kind.